Crochet Coral Reef: TOXIC SEAS


In an unusual choice of medium, twins Margaret and Christine Wertheim project onto us the dangerous state of the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The project’s roots are within the fields of mathematics, marine biology, feminine handy craft, and environmental activism. Manifested in layers of crocheted yarn, trash and plastic, are huge organic and vibrant forms that are the coral reefs.

In it’s current state the Great Barrier Reef is in a disastrous condition. The rising temperature due to climate change is quickly killing the reef’s ecosystem. The once vibrant coral are turning into a dull fleshy white due to coral bleaching. This happens when the oceans temperature is too warm for too long. The coral serve as a food source, shelter, and nursery for many species of the ocean. The death of the coral reefs have a devastating effect on the entire ecosystem around it. 


TOXIC SEAS is a direct visual of how desperate the coral reef is. Visit the MAD Museum in NYC to see the exhibition open now through January. For more information on how you can participate with the Crochet Coral Reef project go to 


Story by: Dina V

ariel jimenez