SXSW key note

The first US president to visit the annual SXSW convention can be added to the list of accomplishments for president Barack Obama. In the midst of a new election, it's easy for us to forget how amazing our current commander in chief really is. With these current candidates making promises of change, lobbying for every vote it's very refreshing to see an intelligent level headed leader taking time to discuss the future of our government to a room of young technological entrepreneurs who will surely be the pioneers for generations to come. 

With the tech world generally holding a anti-government stance, the president had a huge challenge to convince them to help and revitalize technology in government. President Obama went on to explain how from a non bias perspective it would benefit the whole country if everyone had access to computers and internet and all the information that comes with it, combating terrorists and hate groups such as ISIS from reaching out to our people feeding them their ideologies. Another big issue that has come up numerous times during this election year is the difficulty to register to vote online and how some states don't even offer that option.

"It is easier to order pizza then it is to exercise your natural right"

The president goes on to talk about more instances in which the tech world and government should work together, hoping to bridge the gap between the two while also addressing the case of Apple vs. The FBI giving insight on both privacy and security. Check out the full key note below!

ariel jimenez