How to: The Armory

The Armory: A show to get lost in; literally.

Lost in a good way, however. We wandered the art covered walls of Piers 92 and 94 and ran into some amazing talent. The annual collection was just as impressive as we expected. We were greeted by a very hauntingly beautiful sculpture piece by Kehinde Wiley. Surrounding Wileys trio were some of his painting including a large scale piece Jose Alberto de la Cruz Diaz and Luis Nunez towering over the Armorys guests. Among these were some other attention stealing pieces such as Navarros Come to Daddy Neon piece.

 Kehinde Wiley,  Bound  2015

Kehinde Wiley, Bound 2015

So how does one get to successfully tour all of the giant show? Plan ahead. Take a look at the list of artists and installations that are featured in the show and plan an itinerary. Knowing where certain artists and exhibitions are will definitely make your trip worth while. In my opinion, the only major downside to an art fair as massive as The Armory is really taking in the artwork. If youre not a big fan of crowds, this might not be the place for you. However, it is definitely an event you shouldnt miss. 

 Alice Aycock     Small Twist , 2013-2016

Alice Aycock  Small Twist, 2013-2016

For us, we enjoyed the experience that the annual fair had to offer us and will most definitely check it out next year.

 Iván Navarro,  Come to Daddy,  2016

Iván Navarro, Come to Daddy, 2016


If you missed it heres the website to view the artists, pieces, highlights, as well as some more information about The Armory shows:



Story by: Dina V.

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