Dia: Beacon

On a cool, cloudy Saturday, we decided hike over to the Dia:Beacon. The 160,000 square foot, massive building sits right on the banks of the Hudson River and is home to some of contemporary art’s largest gems. Previously a Nabisco Box printing factory, the Dia Art Foundation, artist Robert Irwin and architects Alan Koch, Lyn Rice, Galia Solomonoff renovated it to what is now Dia’s permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.


 Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin

Robert Smithson, Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis), 1969


Disclaimer: When visiting museums of contemporary there is only one important thing you must have; an open mind. We all know a lot of contemporary work is hard to grasp, disturbing, and unimpressive at times. Focus less on what does this mean and think more of how is this making me feel? Approaching this type of work with an open mind will save you the frustration.



We enjoyed the many immersive pieces at the Dia and would definitely recommend the trip there. What’s even better? It’s walking distance from the Metro North Beacon station. Now go!

Louise Bourgeois, "Crouching Spider"

ariel jimenez