The development of an artist’s work contains a series of intimate decisions; deletions, substitutions, and additions. Whether it be mental or tactile, these actions are crucial to the decision making process in creating. This exhibition is a collection of work dedicated to the individual process that each artist engages in when creating and the diversity of similar mediums.


Participating artists:


Josh Castillon 

Roeg Cohen 

Jacob Consenstein 

Paolo Del Castillo

Slavko Djuric

Sara Falco  

Johnny Komodo

Tim Lopez

Sabine Maisonneuve 

Justin Plotnick 

Kevin Ruano

Mariangela Serrano

Brick Thana

Phapfun Watcharasombat


We at FORVLL are grateful for yet another successful exhibition. Process was our first exhibition working exclusively with photographers and mixed media artists. We are beyond thankful to work with such a talented and diverse group of individuals who are all inspiring to be around. This exhibition revealed around the individual process each artist engages in when creating and developing their work. The incorporation of traditional media onto digital photography, collage with organic material and developing photos with non-traditional methods are just a portion of the work shown during this exhibition.  The birth of new possibilities, collaborations, and friendships were some of the best highlights from this project. We hope to continue to inspire and be inspired by the creatives we work with.

ariel jimenez