critical conception II: IDENTITY | Yonkers Arts Weekend



As social beings, we tend to identify ourselves or are identified by others with certain groups or ethics. Consciously or subconsciously we categorize ourselves or each other to either unite or to divide. Grasping a sense of being and importance in a society where we are one of many can also serve as a form of acceptance

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critical conception II: Identity

The team here at FOR VLL are thankful to have participated in this year's Yonkers Art Weekend with our second group exhibition critical conception II: IDENTITY. Our talented group of artists showcased work ranging from painting to sculpture to clothing. Each artist interpreted the theme of identity directly or indirectly as well as personal challenges and experiences that it carries. It was awesome to have shared such a wonderful space with Regina Ruff’s Ruff Art Studios and their amazing group of artists. To have pieces and prints sell with 100% of the sale going straight to the artists was unbelievable and we continue our mission to promote creativity and expression in all forms.

Check out some of the highlights of the weekend:


This exhibition is an exploration of self-identity and the personal challenges and experiences it carries.

ariel jimenez