P O R T R A Y - T; pushing the limits of the portrait

This exhibition challenges the artist to push the limits of portraiture and for the audience to reconsider the quintessential functions of the "portrait".

Participating Artists:

            Brandon Ramirez

            Joylin Santos

            Nick Rampasaud

            Laura Renée

            Sophie Rick

            Michelle Sullivan 

            Vivian Valentin 

            Dina Volpe

            Bria Whitney

            Savannah Cid

            Roeg Cohen 

            Akil County

            Madeleine Dietrich 

            Tiana Douglas

            Sara Falco

            Jay Golding

            Tim Lopez

            Sabine Maisonneuve


FORVLL has teamed up with the City of Yonkers again, this year celebrating the 5th annual Yonkers Arts Weekend. Accompanied by 18 talented artists of different mediums, the exhibition tackled the theme of experimental portraits. Through PORTRAY-T, each artist was to challenge the traditional functions of a portrait through subject and medium. FORVLL is grateful to have shared an exhibition space with Hewn Gallery, Brooklyn Brush Studios, and Yellow Fine Arts. The shared space created a warm, welcoming, and interactive environment for it’s audience as well as its participants. 


Check out the recap video:

ariel jimenez