Bria Whitney


"For years, I have received comments such as “you have such wide hips, childbirth will be easy for you” at 15 years old to “I like your hair, it's so wild and African”. My work is a response to those comments and those who have shared (usually unprovoked) their thoughts and perception about me."


Fine Artist Bria Whitney takes these experiences to create a body of work that revolves around identity and perception.


 “Most importantly keeping everything light-hearted(and slightly satirical) because you have to take every with a grain of salt."


Studying art for 8 years, her work has changed and developed in waves with experience in different fields. After her studies, Bria has taken up work in the fields of fashion marketing and graphic design, a shift from fine art. She believes that working in marketing is a huge part of her success and contributes greatly to her artwork. The graphic design aspect of these experiences has found a place within her artwork. 


Playing with large-scale gesture drawing and incorporating graphic elements has become a typical process within her artwork. Repetition of an image and texture change is an example of how Bria mends the two art forms together.


"Still staying on par as a Mixed Media Artist, I wanted to take what I learned and create work that has an E-comm/ DIY feel, reminiscent of Andy Warhol and The Factory. While still bouncing back to my traditional style of gestural figure paintings."


Some of Bria’s greatest influences are Egon Schiele and other artists of the Vienna Secession. The simplified aesthetic is something she tries to carry over into her personal work. 


Experimenting with different media, whether it be digital or traditional, her roots are deep within her loose gestural technique she has developed over time. Bria creates large and powerful bodies, layered with line and paper that leave every inch of the artwork left to be discovered. At FORVLL, we are very grateful to announce Bria as our head graphic designer and curatorial assistant. 




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IG: @briawhitney

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