Eddy Valerio


Eddy Jose Valerio is a New York based artist currently living in Brooklyn. Eddy’s work primarily revolves around layered compositions that include the figure, botanica, and entomology. 

Born in the Dominican Republic, his heritage is reflective within his work. He often refers back to the DR and draws inspiration from it’s rich landscapes, plants, and animals. Winged creatures; bugs and birds are a reoccurring subject matter within his work as it relates to his journey to the US and how it keeps him connected to his native land. 

“Our bodies are vessels carrying our lineage, past lives, and where we go.“

Themes of mortality have been the foundation of many of his recent works. The passing of family members in relation to the birth of his niece have been a large source of inspiration in his paintings and sculptures. His niece Carmelina Elsa De Rosa serves as a muse in many of his more recent pieces. Eddy also uses himself for reference in his portrait and figure drawings. As a viewer, this illuminates the personal connections the artist has with his strong themes. 

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