JG. Lebrón


Producer/engineer Joseph Gabriel Lebrón, incorporates his teachings in audio with his passion for freestyle photography and talent for graphic designing in a multidisciplinary approach to his art.

Joseph, known simply as JG. Lebrón, creates the feeling of story telling through audio and visuals with the intention of building a past to remember through his work. With music production taking the forefront of his attentiveness after graduating college, he has since released multiple projects while creating all original artwork for projects including beat tapes, short film scores as well as mixes incorporated with the Travelers of Vibe & Sound collective from his home of New Jersey.


Q: Why do you create?

A: For me, it's just another form of communication, redirection, and understanding. I honestly hate thinking inside the box. And I feel like society is forcing me to. We all hate being lost with our own lives, but art makes being lost so much cooler. Between music and art, I can just be myself, and explore my own way of thinking, like a modern day nomad. 99% of my work is pure feeling. I can't really express my feelings out loud because there's so much to say in such little time, so I translate it all onto a picture, a color, or a song, or an idea. It's almost like laying down on the grass, looking up at the sky, and wondering what is life. This is why I create.


JG. expressed that human connections are the most vital source of inspiration to come for him with relatives, friends and companions all included. A strong family of diverse creatives have strongly influenced his interest in the arts while growing up. Developing the skill of photography along with an eclectic sense of music started with his parents and continued with his brothers, each introducing him to a different genre of music from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Electronic.  

“My father would always pick me up from school playing jazz music in the car so it wasn’t long after that I took up trumpet in middle school and high school; and my mother always had a knack for taking photos, always saying I was so photogenic as a young child, and telling me stories of when she was a baton twirler in a marching band in New York. My two older brothers impacted the way I saw life. I mean, growing up with two guys that are seeing the world before you do is kind of like being an intern for a while.”


Q: What direction do you see your work heading towards? What are your goals?

A: I see myself working with almost everyone. Producers, Djs, Artists, Photographers, Designers; as funny as it sounds, I hate being grounded to just one thing. I think the biggest goal I have is to work with film and games. Those two industries are massive and I'd love to work along side the biggest composers, sound designers, and every other creative in that field. It takes a lot work to get those jobs done. On the other hand, I'd love to create a sort of environment for people to just create content, whether its in music, photography, artwork, or visuals, almost like an academy but everyone is influencing each other. I feel that all of my goals will take time because its about development and character. As long as these are my goals, I think I'll enjoy any work that comes my way from now on.


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