Luis Nessi


Venezuelan based artist Luis Nessi talks to us about his work, his aspirations, and the challenges he faces in his native country.

The highly expressive graphite drawings of Luis Nessi undoubtedly leave you with a lot on your mind. His smooth yet static textures can be found in almost all of his work as well as a strangely satisfying balance between pristine beauty and the disturbing. In Luis’s more abstract work, he seems to heavily experiment with line quality and ranging scale within organic forms. These pieces have a sculptural and almost tactile presence. In his figurative work and portraits, there is an almost fantasy element incorporated in his expressive gestures. 

Luis draws inspiration from raw emotion. Considering himself to be very in tune with his emotions, he is driven to create when experiencing these emotions. Whether it be from a dream, a reaction to an event, or a shift in his equilibrium, Luis takes advantage of his emotions when making art. Creating serves as a form of balancing himself back out.

"I honestly wish my hands were as accurate and efficient as my mind and heart would like them to be, since most of the ideas, thoughts and feelings get lost in translation."

Luis also expressed his struggle as an artist living in Venezuela. Given the current state of the country, it is difficult for artists to express themselves freely as a living.

"It is forbidden to dream, to have goals, for the most part. I have had to put aside, and even behind, short and long-term goals..I am not following a structure because I live in a country that has collapsed, so I have to adapt, and re-adapt as the days go by."

He plans to see, learn, and experience life outside of Venezuela to further culture himself as an artist as well as be represented by a gallery to extent outward from the social media world. Until then, Luis continues to teach himself new techniques and approaches. He plans to eventually experiment with different media such as sculpture and painting.

For more of Luis's work:

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