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Artist Andre Batista is the summoner of the divine through his artwork. The soon to be art graduate explores themes of nature and the connections ancient humans shared with it. His traditional media work, full of color and life through natural materials, give you a deep sense of meaning and appreciation for all things created in nature. His body of work represents the journey of our human ancestors. 


What are some things you draw inspiration from?

I’m mostly inspired by nature and the ancient relationship humans had with it. So I try to remind people through my work that we once had a very different relationship with the world. And that it is a root we all share.


Tell us how your subject matter evolved into what it is now.



My subject matter has mostly revolved aroundtribal and spiritual influences. From the time I recognized that and now I believe I have brought these ideas and approaches into a more felt and real presentation. Where I am embodying these ideas and not just depicting them.


You seem to work with organic material (plants, bamboo, straw) what is your connection to these type of materials?

I am drawn to these materials because of their physicality, texture and real life presence. I believe they carry a memory of life and add an energy to the space they inhabit. I use the foliage to further explore the primal relationship between human and nature.


When did you first experiement with performance art and are your traditional pieces usually linked to your performance pieces? 

  Yüm Kaax

Yüm Kaax

I actually first experimented with live performance recently at the BAF gallery where I had a live body transformation ritual. My model became a live sculpture and I rapidly added organic materials and paint to her body to become a living piece of sacred art. However the act of private ritual I have been practicing for 3 years now.

  Dreams of Neon

Dreams of Neon

In appearance they have many links, I feel that their narratives vary. I have actually planned a second performance where my sculpture, drawing, painting and live ritual will function together in a single space at FITs senior showcase.


Have any other artists/person played a significant role in your life?

Definitely Egon Schiele and Klimt and their depictions of figures in space. I’m also deeply inspired by the work of Olivier de Sagazan and his example of ritualistic art.


Do you have a goal set for yourself or have you already met one.

I feel that I have met many goals in my journey as an artist and don’t really have a sort of finish line goal. However my immediate goal is to share more performative sculpture work


If you could meet anyone that has ever lived, who would it be?

Someone from another planet.




Andres work will be featured in FORVLL's second exhibition, critical conception II: identity during Yonkers Art Weekend May 6-7th from 12-6pm at 86 Main Street Yonkers New York. 

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